Мини Зообука Карти

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Мини Зообука е комплект от 30 броя карти с българската азбука.


It is designed to inspire little minds!



Each card represents an Animal Letter, and on its back are written the corresponding letters - lowercase and uppercase.



The cards allow you to invent fun games, write short words, introduce children to different animals and their most characteristic features. With them you can discover new and new games and activities that can be upgraded and developed according to the age of each child.


Zoobuka cards are made of high quality materials that allow easy maintenance and preservation of strength even in the hands of the youngest users.


  • Develops memory and imagination
  • Children learn imperceptibly while playing
  • Great gift for loved ones


We hope that our attractive, cheerful and interesting letters will become favorite companions in learning and playing with your children! 

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Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 8 × 11 × 1.8 cm


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Мини Зообука Карти

  1. Марияна (verified owner) -

    Картите са страхотни! Качеството на материала е прекрасно.Удобни са за държане от детето.Препоръчвам за любознателни мъници !!

  2. Камелия Търбенова-Стаматов (verified owner) -

    Картите са прекрасни, удобни за малките детски ръчички и участват в ежедневните ни игри.

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