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More than just an alphabet!


It is designed to make learning a foreign language easy and fun. We developed a poster, a colouring book and free educational resources for it. With all this, the child will begin to name the English letters from day one!


Everything a child needs

ABC on Wheels is a set of 26 double-sided flash cards + poster + coloring book and free educational resources. With this, the child has everything he needs to learn the English alphabet in a unique way!


The alphabet that keeps giving

Learning a foreign language develops the child in many ways: it improves his cognitive skills and encourages creative thinking and the ability to focus. With ABC on Wheels the child plays and has fun from the very beginning, acquiring skills and knowledge that stay with him forever.


Some of the best characteristics of our flashcards:

The cards allow you to invent fun games, write short words, introduce children to different vehicles and their most characteristic features.

  • High quality and durable materials
  • Box tailored to children's hands
  • Easy to maintain in case of staining
  • Develops memory and imagination
  • Children learn imperceptibly while playing
  • Great gift for loved ones


We hope that our attractive, cheerful and interesting letters will become favorite companions in learning and playing with your children! 

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